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Change/add Information to your profile

You can edit or update your profile at any time:

  1. Click on your Username in the top right hand corner and select Profile.  
  2. This is what other members can see - to edit this information click on the Edit link in the right hand column.

Updating your Profile
  1. You cannot change your own username - if you would like to change it contact with your request.
  2. If you would like correspondence from EYB to address you by your real name rather than your username, add it to box (this is not public). Select your country and city of residence (optional)
  3. If you would like to tell other EYB members something about yourself, add in a short bio here. It's useful when reading member reviews to know something about them - single, family, retired etc as it adds some context to the review.
  4. If you have a website or blog add the URL. When EYB members read your reviews, they may like to find out more about you and click through to your site.

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