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Using the search box

The search box is a quick way to find a recipe - here are a few things to be aware of when using it:

  • Any words you enter will be matched to recipe names, author names, book titles and the ingredients list
  • If you enter too few words you may get a long list of results that is not particularly useful
  • The more words you enter the fewer results you'll get
  • In addition to carrying out a very wide search - the results do not take into account that if you use Chicken as a search term you might only want recipes using chicken meat but it will search for every occurrence of that word - including recipes with chicken stock
  • You should use the filters to specify the type of chicken - go to Using the Filter By box to find out more

To use the quick search box effectively, here are a few tips:

  • Use an author name or book title to restrict your searches to recipes by one author or book - your search can then be very specific e.g.  Katzen broccoli soup
  • Use quotes around your text to restrict your results to match that text exactly e.g.  "Chicken pot pie" will give you less results than chicken pot pie without quotes. The latter will include recipes such as chicken not-pot pie and chicken and leek pot pie
  • Use Boolean search terms to get more from your searches e.g.  zucchini corn will return recipes that include both ingredients whereas zucchini OR corwill return all recipes that include either of these ingredients. If you then add chicken using the Only Show filter you will get all chicken recipes that use either zucchini or corn.

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