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Using the search filters

You can narrow down your search considerably by using the EYB filters. These will help you find recipes to match very precisely what you you're looking for by a recipe type, ingredient matches, ethnicity, course, occasion and nutrition.  

You will get more precise results by selecting Ingredient/Meat, poultry & game/Chicken in filters than you would typing Chicken into the search box. In this example we are using Filter By options to find a Thai curry, that uses lemongrass but doesn't use nuts.

  1. Click on Recipe Types/Dish Types/Curry 
  2. Click on Ingredients/Meat, poultry & game/Chicken/pieces  
    Click on Ingredients/Herbs & Spices/Herbs/Lemongrass
    Click on Ingredients/Baking ingredients/Nuts
  3. Add each item by clicking on the + on the right hand side
  4. If you add an item by mistake - remove it from the filter area by clicking on the x.
  5. To exclude Nuts from your search click on the +, the filter changes to a black -

To learn more about the icons go to Understanding the Filter icons options.

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