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Book results explained

Book titles are listed in the Library and your Bookshelf displaying a variety of information about the book.

  1. Sort by - the default is relevance to search terms. Choose from other sort options
  2. Indexed Books - tick this box to show only indexed books
  3. Expand/Collapse - move toggle to adjust the amount of information displayed and printed
  4. Look In Books (Bookshelf only) - if you have tagged books you can choose to display selected Bookmarked books
  5. Stars - rating by members
  6. Icons -
    Speech bubble - the number of notes about this book and its recipes - click to display Notes page
    Heads - the number of Bookshelves this book is on - click to display whose Bookshelves
    Links - the number of other editions of this book - click and the books will be listed below. To add one of these to your Bookshelf click on ISBN and +Bookshelf on the Book Details page.
    Bookmark (Bookshelf only) - click to tag book with a Bookmark
    +Bookshelf (Library only) - click to add book to your Bookshelf
  7. This book has been tagged with these categories - they can be used to filter searches
  8. Displays a book's indexing status
    Indexed - book has been indexed by an EYB professional indexer
    Member Indexed - book has been indexed by a member volunteer (quality of indexing may vary)
    Request Index - click to request book to be indexed by EYB or to index it yourself
    Index Requested - you have requested this book to be indexed
    Index Soon - book has been assigned to be indexed

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