Eat Your Books

Recipe results explained

Recipes are listed in the Library and your Bookshelf displaying a variety of information about the recipe.

  1. Sort by - the default is relevance to search terms though you can choose from other sort options
  2. The number of recipes listed from a search for cheesecake
  3. View As - select icon to display different views of text and images
  4. Recipe name, book title and author
  5. Stars - rating by members
  6. Speech bubble - the number of notes about this book which you click to display Notes page
  7. Bookmark (Bookshelf only) - click to tag recipe with a Bookmark
  8. Look in Books... (Bookshelf only) look for recipes only in Books tagged with a selected Bookmark
  9. Show only Recipes... (Bookshelf only) - look for recipes only in selected Bookmark category

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