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Searching for recipes that use specific ingredients

You can use the search box to find recipes using a particular ingredient - use this as a quick search when you don't need to be too specific. Or you can use the Filters, which will give you more accurate results. 

For instance chicken in the search box will give you every instance of chicken, including chicken stock. Whereas using the filter you can select exactly the type of chicken you want and only get results for that - as in this example.

  1. Select each ingredient like this:
    Recipe Types/Baking/Cakes, large
    Ingredients//Herbs & spices/Cinnamon
    Ingredient/Baking ingredients/Chocolate

    Add each ingredient to the filter by clicking on the + sign on the right hand side.
  2. Once the selected ingredients are added to the filter area you can take them away by clicking on the x sign on the right hand side - or click on the + and that item becomes an excluded item.

For more information about using the Filters click here.

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