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Installing the EYB Bookmarklet on Google Chrome

  1. Make sure you have the Google Chrome Bookmarks bar turned on. Select the Tools icon.  Then select Bookmarks. Then tick the box "Show bookmarks bar".
  2. Go to your Home Page and select the "Add to EYB Recipes" button as shown on the screen below. If you cannot see the Bookmarklet on the Home Page you may need to reset the zoom on your browser to 100%.
  3. Drag it and drop it on your Bookmarks bar. To drag it you need to left click on the widget, hold the click down then move the cursor up to the bookmarks bar. Your EYB Bookmarklet is installed. It will display as shown below.

Next time you see a recipe from a website you'd like to add to your Bookshelf, just click on this Bookmarklet. An EYB Indexing form will pop up - complete the information. 

Note:  All recipes added with the Bookmarklet will be added to the EYB Library and seen by all members. If you do not want to complete the form - add the recipe as a Personal Recipe.

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