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Adding a magazine to your Bookshelf

To add a single issue or a range of issues of a magazine, follow these instructions and you'll find yourself using them so much more. A Premium membership is required to add a range of magazines and the subscription option.

  1. Select the Magazine tab.
  2. Enter the name of the magazine you want to add or select the magazine from Quick Searches on the right.
  3. You can sort the magazines by Date Published.
  4. Click on the +Bookshelf button to add to your Bookshelf.
  5. Click here if you want to add more than one issue, add the date range of the issues to add.(oldest date cannot be before oldest issue currently indexed).
  6. Tick/check, if you subscribe to the magazine and want new issues automatically added to your Bookshelf. To unsubscribe click on the magazine title and click (remove) next to Subscribed (under the cover image). If you want to remove any individual magazine issues, hover over the tick/check - you will see a Remove popup. Click and the magazine is gone from your Bookshelf.
If you find that older issues (earlier than the date range you set) of the magazine are now indexed, you can add them by clicking +Bookshelf for any of those earlier issues and enter the new earliest date.

Any recipes that have online links from magazines can be added to your Bookshelf even if you don't own the magazine. The online link will take you to the recipe on the magazine website.
More information about recipes online.

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