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Adding an online recipe from the EYB Library to your Bookshelf

There are 270,000 recipes in the EYB Library with online links.  You can add any of these recipes to your Bookshelf.  Recipes with online links come from: 

  • Blogs and Websites - all have online links. Add the entire blog or individual recipes.
  • Cookbooks - if an official version of the recipe exists online then we will link to it. These are usually on an author, publisher, magazine or newspaper's website.
  • Magazines - some magazines also have online versions of the recipes from the printed magazine on the magazine website.  
  • Member Added Recipes - using the Bookmarklet feature, any member can add a recipe from the internet to their own Bookshelf, and the EYB Library. Approximately 10% of recipes are added by members.

To add online recipes to your Bookshelf - go to Library:

  1. Tick the Online Recipes  box
  2. Enter a search term (optional - you can scroll through all recipes)
  3. To add any recipe to your Bookshelf click on +Bookshelf
  4. Status changes when recipe added.  Any online recipes that are from cookbooks that are already on your Bookshelf will show this status

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