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Suggestions on how to use Bookmarks

To organize your cookbook collection you may have shelves for different kinds of books, fold over pages, use yellow stickies, paper lists, books with notes - or you keep it all in your head.  

Whichever method you use, it just got simpler.  You can keep track of recipes and books by just tagging them with a Bookmark. Once you create a Bookmark you can use them to narrow down your searches. 

For books you might want to use Bookmarks to:

  • Keep track of cookbooks in different locations - even different shelves
  • If you have the same cookbook in 2 locations - just Bookmark it with each location tag
  • Favorite books - add and take books off as you like
  • Books you have on loan from the library - an easy way to include these books in your search and then easy to delete when you return them
  • Books you loan to friends - easy to keep track of them

For recipes you might want to use Bookmarks to:

  • Create a list of recipes for a menu for a dinner party, social gathering or just the meals for the week
  • If you grow your own fruit or vegetables and are always looking at ways to use them up then create a Bookmark that you can tag a recipe with for plums, zucchini or whatever as you see them come up in your searches
  • Browsing through a new cookbook we always see recipes we like the look of - tag your recipes as you go with a Bookmark with names like Comfort FoodSunday Lunches,Must Dos - the list is endless
  • Same for your magazines - use Bookmarks rather than yellow stickies
  • There are also default Bookmarks "I want to cook this" and "I cooked this" - the chef icon next to each recipe title will change color to depict the status of the recipe.

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