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Rate a recipe or book

Every book and recipe can be rated using the 5 stars. If no rating has been added they will be gray, once a member has applied a rating they will be green. 5 green stars = fantastic book/recipe through to 1 star = not good.  

Ratings are obviously personal and subjective. It would help other members (and a reminder to yourself) if you also include a Note to say why you gave this rating. 

  1. Hover your cursor over the stars and click where you want to rate the book or recipe. You can do .5 increments.
  2. Your rating will be added to other members' ratings and the yellow stars will show an average for all the ratings.  
  3. To see your own rating, hover your cursor over the stars and it will display your rating.

You can rate books and recipes any time you see the stars - so on the results pages or the detail pages.


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