Eat Your Books

Step 2 - Using search

Step-by-Step Instructions

Select My Bookshelf/Recipes. Notice, below the search box, it will tell you how many recipes you can search for. These are the indexed recipes from your cookbooks, magazines and blogs that you have added to your Bookshelf. The full recipe is not included.


In this example we want to find all chocolate cake recipes

  1. Type the words that describe what you're looking for into the Search Box
  2. 337 Recipes for chocolate cake have been found
  3. You can include more words in the Search Box, such as banana to narrow down your search - or you can use the filters on the right hand side for a more precise search.  Find out more about using the Filters to narrow down your search results.
Go to My Bookshelf now to start try searching for recipes.  Or. Go to Getting Started Step 3

Step 2. Go to 13

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