Eat Your Books

Step 3 - Organize your books and recipes

Step-by-Step Instructions

Bookmarks can be used to help you organize your cookbooks, magazines and recipes, including online and personal clippings.  

  1. Simply click on the Bookmark tag
  2. Click on New to add a new Bookmark and Save or select a Bookmark you've already set up and Save
  3. Books and Recipes display their Bookmarks
  4. You can search within a Bookmarked group of Recipes or a Bookmarked group of Books
Try adding some Bookmarks to recipes on My Bookshelf.


These are just some of the ways you can use Bookmarks:

  • tag books with different locations - useful if you keep your books in different places
  • keep track of favorite recipes
  • create menus
  • tag recipes you want to do later
  • group recipes together for different seasons or ingredients or occasions

and the list goes on. You'll have endless fun and how you use it will depend very much on your personality type!

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