Eat Your Books

Can I get a book added to the EYB Library?

We have more than 155,000 cookbooks listed in the Library – but there are still a lot more out there. If you own a book that you cannot find in a search of the Library and you want EYB to add a book, go to Import Books (accessed from the My Bookshelf tab) and add in the ISBN (this service is only available for Premium members). If the book is in the Library (but you didn't see it as it is a linked book "hidden" behind the master indexed book) then it will be immediately added to your Bookshelf. If we don't have the book in the Library then we will try to retrieve the book data from Amazon and add it to the Library. The book will also be added to your Bookshelf once we import the book details. This should happen within a few hours of your request.

Sometimes Amazon does not list books so we cannot get the data and those requests go into a list of books we will add one day when we have the resources to add the data manually.  Books without ISBNs that cannot be entered to Import Books will not be added right now though we hope one day to add a feature that will allow members to add their own books data.

We will add data manually for a book that cannot be imported if you want to member index the book.  Please contact us at and we will tell you what data we require from you.

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