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Can I request a book to be indexed?

You may find some of your favorite cookbooks aren't indexed. You can request for a book to be indexed by clicking on the Request Index. Priority to index a cookbook is based on the number of requests we get AND the number of Bookshelves the book appears on. You will know if we are going to Index it as the status will change from Request Index to Indexing Now and it should then be indexed within 4 weeks. It may take longer if it is an EYB member who is indexing the book. The default order for books in your Bookshelf is by date indexed, so you will see at the top of your Bookshelf when one of your books is newly indexed. We also email you to let you know when your books are indexed (unless you have unsubscribed from our emails).

Not every book in the EYB Library can be indexed. We have over 148,000 unindexed books and each book costs around 5 times an annual membership to index. We are indexing them by order of popularity so members should see their recipe count increase over time.

You also can request to index a book yourself. We have made the EYB indexing tools available to members so they can index their own books, that aren't on sufficient Bookshelves to be indexed by EYB. The index from member indexed books are made available to all members. Member indexed books are proofread by EYB to ensure all books indexed meet our quality standards. If you are interested in learning more about member indexing, check out the Member Indexers Manual in our Help section.

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