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Can I use my own categories for my cookbooks and recipes?

Yes you can. At EYB we have categorized thousands of books and recipes, so you can search for books by Ethnicity, Occasion, Special Diet, Course and general categories such as Soups, Cakes, etc. Members can organize their Bookshelf to suit their needs by using Bookmarks. You create your own Bookmarks with names that have meaning to you – these are some things you can use Bookmarks for:
  • Location of cookbooks
  • Planning a menu
  • Marking a cookbook or recipe as a favorite of a family member or friend
  • Marking recipes that you want to try out later for a particular event or occasion
  • Keeping together favorite recipes for a particular food – such as tomatoes, zucchini, etc
We have three fixed EYB Bookmarks - I've Cooked This (which marks the recipe with a green chef's hat); I Want to Cook This (recipe is marked with an orange chef's hat) and Favorite. You’ll probably find many other ways you can use Bookmarks to help you organize your cookbook collection. For more information on Bookmarks go to the How To section.

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