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Some recipes include "store-cupboard ingredients" - what does this mean?

As you will know by now we are not a recipe site! Eat Your Books lets you search for recipes in your cookbooks by ingredients. It's unlikely anyone would want to search for recipes by basic ingredients such as oil, flour and sugar. Most people have these basics in their cupboard, so we decided not to include them. Always refer to the recipe in your cookbook to ensure you have the complete list of ingredients.

The list of store-cupboard ingredients that we exclude, unless they are a main ingredient of the dish or are in significant quantities, are: salt, pepper, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, cornstarch/cornflour, cooking spray, water, butter, vegetable shortening, eggs, milk, all-purpose/plain flour, self rising/raising flour, granulated/white sugar, light-brown sugar, dark-brown sugar, confectioner's/icing sugar, vanilla extract/essence, olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, red and white wine vinegar, basic red and white wine, Dijon mustard, chicken/beef/vegetable stock, white and yellow onions, garlic, lemons.

You can check out the store-cupboard ingredient rules in our Indexing Manual.

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