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How does it work?

First of all we are not a recipe website - we don't publish the recipes as that would be breaking the copyright of these great cookbook authors and publishers. The purpose of Eat Your Books is to help you find recipes in your own cookbooks and magazines, the blogs you follow and the many online recipes. We have captured information on over 1.5 million (so far) so you can easily search for recipes. Here's how it works:

  • Simply Register. You can have a Free membership with up to 5 books or magazines and unlimited online recipes or choose a monthly (US$3.00) or annual (US$30.00) Premium membership. See Member Benefits to choose the membership that suits you.
  • Select the cookbooks you own from our library of over 157,000 cookbooks and add to your EYB Bookshelf.
  • Start searching for recipes - you can search on recipe name, ingredients, occasion, food type, ethnicity, book title or author.
  • You can add recipes to a shopping list and Eat Your Books will print out the ingredients you'll need for those recipes.
  • You can tag books and recipes with Bookmarks, which is a great way to organize your favorite recipes, ones you want to do later or any other categories you can think of.
  • Chat on the Forum with other members who share a love of cooking and cookbooks. See their comments and ratings on books and recipes.
  • There are 270,000 recipes in the EYB Library that have online links. We bring together the best recipes on the internet into one searchable index. You can add any of them to your personal collection.

If you're new to Eat Your Books, you can become a member here. Follow the Getting Started guides to get the most from Eat Your Books quickly.

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