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Food writers around the world have been singing the praises of Eat Your Books since it was launched and have introduced many current members to EYB through their enthusiastic words.

​I found thousands of recipes for asparagus contained in books I already own, including one for asparagus vinaigrette with tarragon from “The Anatomy of a Dish,” by the chef Diane Forley. I’d made it years ago, loved it, dog-eared it and promptly lost track of it: the book is in my basement. Read Complete Article »


... my appreciation has blossomed into a fully mature love-fest. Having taken the time to “catalogue” a constantly growing food library (in the process culling literally hundreds) with Eat Your Books’ online database, I now have the answers to odd questions. Like, what do I do with a swarm of eels?  Read More »


What I actually want to tell you about is a website. One that, now I have found it, I do not know how I would live without it. I know that is a bit of a dramatic statement, but in foodie terms it is a blessing.  Read more »

I got ridiculously excited about a new website I discovered yesterday. Looking back now, I'm a bit embarrassed. My husband has another reason to think I'm slightly deranged (in a good way). Read More »


But knowing pretty well where your books are does not help when I am racking my brain to remember just where it was I saw that recipe for walnut bread I meant to try.  That problem has been solved since I was pointed to a website Eat Your Books.

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Eat Your Books has won some prestigious awards, including:
EYB was ranked amongst the greats this year according to the UK Times along with and

The Baily Beast selected Eat Your Books as one of the 6 best Travel and Food sites in the world.


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