Eat Your Books

Mobile - add books to your Bookshelf and search

When you are using Eat Your Books, the site will recognize the type of device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) and therefore the size of the screen you are using and adjust the layout accordingly. Once you have used EYB on one type of device you should find it easy to use it on any other. The only thing that changes is the layout of the screen and the amount of information you can see at one time.

In this section we go over a few of the basics to help you get started. You are seeing a view of the Library/Books.
  1. To add a book to your Bookshelf just click on the +Bookshelf button. Other icons displaying show the number of member Bookshelves this book is on, the number of Notes for this book and a video.
  2. Some information about the book remains hidden until you click on the down arrow to expand.
  3. To move around the site you can either click on the headings "Home", "My Bookshelf", or "Library" or select from the drop down Menu.
  4. To narrow down your searches - select the Filter link.
  5. To "Only Show" certain types of books check/tick on the relevant section.
  6. To "Filter By" one of the EYB categories, expand out any section and check/tick the item you want to filter by. Then click Filter (4) to see your results.

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