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Can I get an ingredient added?

The EYB database of ingredients has more than 40,000 listed but it is possible you may need something added that we have never come across before. Please first check our Member Indexing Admin Manual as it may be that the ingredient you want is not listed for a reason. For example, lemon zest and juice are listed as lemons as that is the ingredient you need to own or buy. We do not list every variation of fat content of dairy ingredients or every variety of fruits and vegetables.

If you still feel your ingredient should be added, you should add the ingredient "New Ingredient" and a note in the Indexer comments field. This will be picked up by one of our staff and they will either add the ingredient to our database and your recipe or they will communicate to you why it could not be added.

if the ingredient is very unusual or rare it would be helpful if you could include information on what it is and which ingredient category it would fall into. An online link to a reference would also help.

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