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Adding Preview Recipes to your Bookshelf

For recipes from books that have been indexed, you add the recipe to your Bookshelf in the same way you do any online recipe - by clicking the blue +Bookshelf button. For unindexed books you cannot add Preview recipes to your Bookshelf until the book is indexed. We are not allowed by the publisher to put the index up on EYB until pub date so for some recipes, the Preview will be available before the index is. There are a few ways to keep track of new Preview recipes that can be added:

1. Periodically search the EYBDigital Recipes sorted by Recently Added. The Recently Added criteria is recipes in index order so you will only see recipes that can be added to your Bookshelf. They will all have blue +Bookshelf buttons. 

2. Another option is to add Unindexed Preview books for which you are interested in the recipes to your Bookshelf with a Bookmark tag "Previews to come" (or whatever wording works for you). You will get an email from us alerting you when the book is indexed. You could also periodically sort your Bookshelf by Date Indexed and see which ones may now be available. Just remember to delete the book from your Bookshelf before you add the Preview recipes - you need to not have the book on your Bookshelf to add individual recipes and you don't want all the other recipes appearing in your searches.

3. Alternatively just keep an eye on Library Books where the default sort is latest indexed. Each indexed book with an orange EYB Preview button will stand out. Or filter the Library Books by EYBDigital Previews and the ones at the top are the latest indexed.

4. Finally, there are some books that we may never index even though we provide a Preview. In those cases you can add the recipes you want in your searches as Personal Recipes, adding the Preview URL for that page to the Online URL field. There is a Help section on Personal Recipes.

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