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What is Eat Your Books Digital?

What is Eat Your Books Digital?

The EYBD platform is a revolutionary way of viewing cookbooks in a digital format. In conjunction with cookbook authors and publishers, Eat Your Books is now providing buyers of print cookbooks access to all the recipes online. In addition, the EYBD platform has previews of many major new cookbooks. At a time when many cookbooks are bought online, this provides a unique way of being able to see the cookbook exactly as it will be printed with a sampler of at least 3 recipes from each book.

The EYBD Book is a conversion of the book to HTML - it cannot be copied, downloaded, printed or saved. EYBD Previews can be viewed by any member on Eat Your Books by selecting the "EYB Book Previews" filter and clicking on any of the "EYB Book Preview" buttons below the book cover image.

When you click on the EYBD Book Preview you will see a sample of the book on your screen, exactly as it is printed. Typically you will see the cover, intro pages and 2-5 sample recipes from the book.

Each of the sample recipes can also be linked to from the EYB listing of that recipe (if the book has been indexed). Indexed EYBD Recipe Previews will be included in an 'online recipe' search from the EYB Library. These are available to all EYB members.

In this search shown below, we have searched for 'tear rolls' from the online EYB Library and the results show one recipe with an 'EYB Recipe Preview' button. Click on this button to go to the recipe page in the EYBD Book Preview. All EYBD Recipe Previews from indexed books can be added to your own EYB Bookshelf and bookmarked.

EYBDigital Complete Books
In conjunction with some publishers and cookbook authors, Eat Your Books is also providing free access to the complete EYBD Book when it is available as part of a promotion. The terms and conditions of these promotions are determined by the publisher and details will be made available on EYB for each title.

Typically the terms of the promotion will be:

EYB will provide digital access on the Eat Your Books website to the complete book when a member has pre-ordered a print copy of the title before release date (or as defined by the publisher). In some cases the EYBD Book access will be made available to purchasers at book tour events. You do not need to be a paid member to access this feature and EYBD Books are in addition to the 5-book limit for Free memberships.

For each promotion, we will provide details on how to upload proof of purchase (scan, screenshot or photo of the receipt, online order, etc). The book and the access button will be added to the member's Bookshelf, though the book index and the EYBD Book will not available until publication date.

EYBDigital Book Features 

For the first time, cookbook owners will have access to the full EYBD cookbook - on vacation, at work, in the grocery store, etc. In addition to the digital book, all the features of EYB will be included in the access, at no cost to the book purchaser.

•            Recipe search
•            Bookmarks
•            Recipe ratings and reviews
•            Photo upload (personal photos of dishes cooked)
•            Shopping lists

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