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Using Boolean search terms

You can refine your searches with some of the commonly used Boolean search terms. Most of these results can be better achieved by using the Only Show filters but if you're familiar with Boolean logic you might want to use both methods.

Some examples of searches using Boolean logic:

  • to find an exact match to words you want, put them in speech/quote marks e.g. "black garlic" will show only recipes containing black garlic whereas entering black garlic without speech marks will show all recipes containing the words black and garlic.
  • ‚ÄčAND is the default search for EYB so there is no need to put AND in your searches (unless also excluding words) e.g. entering chicken AND zucchini to find recipes that use both chicken and zucchini will show the same results as entering chicken zucchini
  • OR to find recipes that have either of the criteria e.g. find recipes that use either chicken or zucchini - enter chicken OR zucchini

  • to find recipes that exclude a search term e.g. find recipes that use chicken but not zucchini - enter chicken -zucchini. The same can be achieved by entering NOT in front of the excluded word. If using multiple words plus excluded words use AND between the other words e.g. chicken AND corn NOT zucchini

  • by adding a * to the end of a word you will find all recipes beginning with that string of characters e.g. find all recipes that use pomegranates by the author Raghavan Iyer (useful if you can't remember how to spell words) - enter pomeg* ragh*

  • A more complex use of these terms e.g. find all chicken recipes that use zucchini but do not use corn or stock and is not a soup - enter chicken and (zucchini -corn or -stock or -soup). This last example would really be better done using filters!

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