Eat Your Books

Using the filters to find a book type

EYB Filters help you narrow down your search to find exactly the right book. You can use a combination of the Search box and the filters or either on their own. Look through the filters to see what criteria you can search by. For more information go to Understanding the Filters.

  1. Select a criteria by using the filters - select to add it to the filter box. You can add as many filters as you wish - though remember the filter uses AND not OR. E.g. selecting filters Soups and Thai shows books for Thai soups not all soup books and all Thai books.
  2. If you want to remove a filter - click on x 
  3. To exclude a category - click on the + it will change to - and black
  4. You can select only Indexed Books
  5. You can choose the order you want the books sorted in

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