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What does "recipe online" mean?

As you will have realized by now Eat Your Books is not a recipe site - it helps you find recipes in your own cookbooks and magazines. However, where a recipe 'officially' exists on the internet we will link to the recipe. At EYB we respect the value of recipes and the publisher's and author's copyright - so we will only link to an author's or publisher's website or where they have given permission for a recipe to be published such as in a magazine. Any online recipe can be added to your own Bookshelf.  They come from these different sources:
  • Blogs and Websites - all have online links.
  • Cookbooks - if an official version of the recipe exists online - we will link to it. These are usually on an author, publisher, magazine or newspaper's website.
  • Magazines - some magazines also have online versions of the recipes from the printed magazine on the magazine website.  We will link to these.
  • Member Added Recipes - using the Bookmarklet feature, any member can add a recipe from the internet to their own Bookshelf, and the EYB Library.
See the book Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi as an example with links to the Guardian newspaper where these recipes first appeared.

See how to view Online Recipes.


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