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Recipe Types List - Categories

While this is not a comprehensive list, we have tried to provide as many examples of each Recipe Type as possible along with specific usage guidelines.  For each Recipe Type, we have provided the corresponding Course that should generally be indexed, although exceptions are noted for some dishes/Recipe Types; we have also summarized EYB's guidelines for indexing Vegan and Vegetarian in the Nutrition field (see the Updated bullet below).  A few guidelines are:

  • Be aware of dishes/recipes that appear to come under one Recipe Type but belong in another, e.g., Boston cream pie belongs in Cakes, large, not in Pies, tarts & pastries
  • Confusion can arise between recipe names from different countries/regions, e.g., American biscuits vs. UK biscuits.
  • Updated:  All dishes/Recipe Types should be indexed as Vegan/Vegetarian according to EYB's general guidelines for the Nutrition field about what constitutes Vegan and Vegetarian, and as indicated specifically for each Recipe Type in the table below. The Nutrition tag guidelines used below are: 
    • NUTRITION: None - Do not index either Vegetarian or Vegan (except under the special circumstances outlined, if any).
    • NUTRITION: Vegan/Vegetarian -  Index both Vegetarian and Vegan if both apply, i.e., there are no vegetarian- or vegan-taboo ingredients, whether listed or omitted as store-cupboard ingredients (usually savory recipes). 
    • NUTRITION: Vegan - Index only Vegan if it applies, i.e., there are no vegan-taboo ingredients, whether listed or omitted as store-cupboard ingredients, but do not also list Vegetarian (usually sweet/dessert recipes).
  • For many dishes, the default Ethnicity is also provided in square brackets; where no Ethnicity is given for a recipe, leave Ethnicity blank unless indicated by the author or in the recipe name.
  • In the Selected Recipes/Dishes column below, a capital letter in a recipe name (e.g., Bath buns, boeuf Bourguignon) indicates that the letter should always be capitalized in EYB recipe titles, whether capitalized in the cookbook or not, as the word is a proper name.  Otherwise, the letter should be lower-case in recipe titles except when it is the first letter in the first word of either the English title or the foreign-language title.
  • Refer to the list at the end of this table for selected dishes with NO Recipe Type.  Note that simple meat, fish/seafood, and poultry dishes prepared by sautéing, poaching, baking, roasting, etc., will not necessarily have a Recipe Type unless there is another indexable sub-recipe such as Sauces for meat, Sauces for fish, or Sauces for poultry.
  • To search for a name -- use CTRL-F/CMD-F, then type into the 'Find' box the word you are looking for.  Use the Next/Previous keys if there is more than one occurrence.
  • Check the Change Log frequently so you don't miss important updates.

    Change Log - last updated 1/30/19  (recent major edits/revisions also indicated by a yellow highlight)
Recipe Type Selected Recipes/Dishes

Baked & steamed desserts

(Served hot)

Course: Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan

  • apple/baked charlottes (served hot; index cold charlottes as Mousses, trifles, custards & creams)[English]
  • baked/stewed/poached apples/pears/figs/other fruits
  • bread pudding (sweet; if savory, index as Egg dishes)
  • clafoutis [French]
  • Indian pudding (NOT Native American) [American]
  • kugel/noodle pudding (sweet; if savory, index as Pasta, baked) [Jewish]
  • plum pudding [British]
  • soufflés (sweet/dessert)
  • spotted dick [British]
  • suet pudding [British]
  • Yorkshire pudding (sweet/dessert; if savory, index as Bread & rolls, savory)  [British]

Beverages / drinks (no-alcohol) 

(If alcohol, index as Cocktails)

Course: None unless specified
Nutrition: None (except index Vegan for beverages that normally contain eggs/dairy/honey/etc. but are free of vegan-taboo ingredients,  e.g., egg-less, non-dairy "eggnogs", milkshakes/milk-based smoothies made with non-dairy milk)  

  • eggnog (no alcohol) [American]
  • egg cream  [American]
  • lassi  [Indian]
  • milkshakes (do not index as Ice cream & frozen desserts)
  • smoothies
  • teas

Bread & buns, sweet

(Inc. yeast breads, unleavened breads, and sweet quick/tea breads)

Course: Afternoon tea
Nutrition: Vegan


  • babka/bubka  [Eastern European]
  • bagels (sweet)
  • banana bread
  • Bath buns  [British]
  • Boston buns [NOT American -- Australian]
  • brioche (if savory, index as Bread & rolls, savory; if filled, index as Pies, tarts & pastries)  [French]
  • cinnamon buns/rolls
  • crumpets [English]
  • fruit breads
  • hot cross buns
  • kugelhopf  [European]
  • lardy cakes (NOT cakes)  [British]
  • melonpan/melon pan/melon buns/melon bread [Japanese, or as specified]
  • New England/Boston brown bread  [American]
  • nut breads
  • pan dulce  [Mexican]
  • pandoro  [Italian]
  • panettone  [Italian]
  • popovers (sweet)
  • scones (sweet)
  • sticky buns/rolls
  • stollen  [German]
  • Welsh cakes (NOT cakes)  [Welsh]
  • zucchini bread

Bread & rolls, savory 

(Inc. yeast breads and unleavened breads; if sweet, index as Bread & buns, sweet)

Course: None unless specified
Nutrition: Vegan

  • arepas (if filled, index as Pies, tarts & pastries)  [South American, or as specified]
  • bagels (savory)
  • baguettes  [French]
  • bannock  [Scottish]
  • bialys  [East European]
  • biscuits (American only; index UK-style biscuits as Cookies, biscuits & crackers)  [American]
  • bread starters, such as sourdough, and biga [Italian]
  • breadsticks
  • brioche (if sweet, index as Bread & buns, sweet; if filled, index as Pies, tarts & pastries)  [French]
  • challah  [Jewish]
  • ciabatta  [Italian]
  • English muffins [NOT English!]
  • flatbread (unless with toppings, then Pizza & calzones)
  • focaccia (unless filled or with toppings, then Pizza & calzones)  [Italian]
  • fougasse  [French]
  • grissini  [Italian]
  • Irish soda bread (if sweet, index as Bread & buns, sweet; MUST list either 'baking soda' or 'bicarbonate of soda') [Irish]
  • lavash  [Middle Eastern]
  • muffins (savory; if sweet, index as Cakes, small)
  • naan  [Indian]
  • piadina [Italian]
  • pita  [Middle Eastern]
  • popovers (if sweet, index as Bread & buns, sweet; if filled, no Recipe Type)  [American]
  • pretzels
  • Sally Lunn buns/cakes  [British]
  • scones (savory)
  • tortillas  [Mexican]
  • Yorkshire pudding (savory; if sweet/dessert, index as Baked & steamed desserts)  [British]

Brownies, slices & bars 


Course: Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan

  • blondies
  • Congo bars  [American]
  • flapjacks (UK and Ireland only; index American flapjacks as Pancakes, waffles & crêpes)  [British]
  • hermits  [American]
  • Louise cake (NOT a Cake)  [New Zealand]
  • marshmallow/Rice Krispies treats
  • Nanaimo bars  [Canadian]
  • squares
  • tiffin  [British]

Cakes, large 

(If individual cakes/made in small molds, index as Cakes, small)

Course: Dessert unless specified as being for Afternoon tea or Breakfast/brunch
Nutrition: Vegan

  • angel food cake  [American]
  • baked Alaska  [American]
  • Battenberg cake/Battenburg cake [English]
  • Black Forest cake  [German]
  • Boston cream pie (NOT a pie!)  [American]
  • bundt cakes
  • coffee cakes (index as Afternoon tea)
  • Dacquoise  [French]
  • Dobos torte  [Hungarian]
  • Dundee cake  [Scottish]
  • Génoise
  • German chocolate cake (NOT German)  [American]
  • gingerbread
  • Lady Baltimore/Lord Baltimore cake [American South]
  • Madeira cake  [English]
  • Opera cake/gateau Opera [French]
  • panforte  [Italian]
  • parkin  [English]
  • Pavlova  [Australian & New Zealand]
  • red velvet cake  [American]
  • Sachertorte  [Austrian]
  • savarin  [French]
  • simnel cake  [British, or as specified]
  • Swiss roll [NOT Swiss -- no Ethnicity]
  • teacake/tea cake (index as Afternoon tea)
  • vacherin  [French]
  • Victoria sponge [British]

Cakes, small 


Course: Afternoon tea unless specified as being for Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan

  • babas au rhum  [French]
  • cannelé / canelé [French]
  • cupcakes
  • Jaffa cakes (NOT Cookies, biscuits & crackers) [British]
  • lamingtons [Australian]
  • madeleines  [French]
  • muffins (sweet; index savory as Bread & rolls, savory)
  • petits fours  (glacés/cake-style)  [French]
  • shortcakes
  • whoopie pies  [American]

Candy / sweets 


Course: None
Nutrition: Vegan

  • barks
  • brittles
  • candied peels/fruits/nuts
  • fudge
  • marshmallows
  • nougat
  • s'mores/smores  [American]
  • truffles
  • turrón  [Spanish]


(Can be sweet or savory)

Course: Dessert for sweet, Appetizers or Main course for savory
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • pashka  [Russian]
  • quesada  [Spanish]
  • ricotta cake/torta di ricotta [Italian]

Children & baby food

(Only if specified for children/babies; also index any other RTs that apply)

Course: As appropriate to other RTs
Nutrition: As appropriate to other RTs



(Do not index as Stews & one-pot meals)

Course: Main course
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • meat/poultry chilis   [American]
  • vegetable chilis (index as Vegan/Vegetarian if no meat/poultry stock)   [American]

Chutneys, pickles & relishes

(May be sweet or savory)

Course: None if chutney/pickle/relish alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • chow-chow  [American]
  • kimchi/kimchee  [Korean]
  • piccalilli
  • sauerkraut  [German]

Cocktails/drinks (with alcohol) 

(If no alcohol, index as Beverages)

Course: None
Nutrition: None (except index Vegan for cocktails that normally contain eggs/dairy/honey/etc. but are free of vegan-taboo ingredients,  e.g., egg-less, non-dairy "eggnogs", white Russians made with non-dairy milk, Bloody Marys made with vegan Worcestershire sauce)

  • Americano [NOT American -- Italian]
  • Bellini  [Italian]
  • black/white Russian  [NOT Russian!]
  • Bloody Mary  [American]
  • eggnog (with alcohol) [American]
  • mint julep  [American South]
  • mojito  [Cuban]
  • Moscow mule [NOT Russian -- American]
  • Negroni  [Italian]
  • Pimm's cup  [English]
  • sangria  [Spanish]
  • Sazerac  [Cajun & Creole]

Cookies, biscuits & crackers 


Course: Afternoon tea for sweet, Canapés / hors d'oeuvres for savory if specified, none for savory crackers if unspecified
Nutrition: Vegan

  • Afghan biscuits (NOT Afghan)  [New Zealand]
  • Anzac biscuits  [Australian & New Zealand]
  • biberli  [Swiss]
  • biscotti  [Italian]
  • biscuits (UK only; index American-style biscuits as Bread & rolls, savory)
  • lebkuchen  [German]
  • macaroons
  • matzo  [Jewish]
  • Mexican wedding cakes/Russian tea cakes (NOT Cakes, small; NOT Mexican or Russian -- no Ethnicity)
  • Monte Carlo biscuits  [Australian]
  • rusks
  • shortbreads
  • snickerdoodles [American]
  • springerle  [Swiss]
  • zwieback

Crumbles, cobblers, crisps & bettys 

(Do not index an Ethnicity for crumbles; index American for cobblers (sweet), crisps, and bettys)

Course: Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan

  • buckles  [American]
  • grunts  [American]
  • pandowdy/pan dowdy/pandowdies  [American]
  • slumps  [American]
  • sonkers  [American South]
  • toppings for crumbles, cobblers, etc. (but do not index Desserts in Course)


(Inc. meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetable curry dishes; do not index as Stews & one-pot meals)

Course: Main course unless specified as a Side dish vegetable curry
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • balti  [Pakistani]
  • dopiaza  [Indian]
  • jalfrezi  [Indian]
  • korma  [Indian]
  • massaman  [Thai]
  • panaeng/phanaeng  [Thai or Laotian, as specified]
  • roghan josh/roghan josh  [Indian]
  • sambar   [as specified]
  • tikka masala   [British]
  • vindaloo  [Indian]

Dips, spreads & salsas


Course: As specified by author – Appetizers, Side dish, or None
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • baba ghanouj/ghanoush  [Middle Eastern]
  • bagna cauda [Italian]
  • caponata  [Italian]
  • dipping sauces (also index all appropriate Sauces RT's)
  • flavored butters
  • fondue (savory; index sweet fondue as Sauces for desserts)
  • gentleman's relish (NOT a relish) [British]
  • guacamole  [Mexican]
  • hummus  [Middle Eastern]
  • pâté
  • pico de gallo  [Mexican]
  • raita  [Indian]
  • rillettes  [French]
  • skordalia (dip; if used as a sauce, index an appropriate Sauces RT)  [Greek]
  • tapenade  [Mediterranean]
  • tzatziki  [Greek]

Dressings & marinades 


Course: None if dressing/marinade alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • barbecue/BBQ sauces (if used as a marinade or "mop" sauce to be brushed on before/during cooking); also index an appropriate Sauces RT
  • flavored oils
  • brines
  • flavored vinegars
  • Russian dressing  [American]
  • Thousand Island dressing  [American]
  • vinaigrettes

Egg dishes

(Must list 'eggs' or an egg ingredient in Ingredients)

Course: As specified by author – Breakfast, Suppers, etc.
Nutrition: Vegetarian 

  • bread pudding (savory; if sweet, index as Baked & steamed desserts)
  • egg salads (index as Egg dishes and Salads)
  • eggs Benedict  [American]
  • frittatas  [Italian]
  • Hangtown fry  [American]
  • huevos rancheros/eggs ranchero-style [Mexican]
  • omelets
  • Scotch eggs/Scotched eggs (NOT Scottish)  [English]
  • scrambled/poached/fried/boiled/etc. eggs
  • soufflés (savory)
  • stratas   [American]
  • tagine/tajine (frittata-like Tunisian dish; if North African stew, index as Stews & one-pot meals)  [Tunisian]
  • tortilla (a la) Española/tortilla de patatas  [Spanish]

Fried doughs

(May be sweet or savory; usually applies to (deep-)fried batters/doughs/pastries -- e.g., doughnuts -- or batter-coated ingredients as in tempuras, fritters, onion rings, etc.; does not include pan-"fried" or -sautéed cakes/patties, such as latkes/potato pancakes, crab cakes, etc., that don't include a batter per se)

Course: As specified by author
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • beaver tails  [Canadian]
  • beignets  [Cajun & Creole or French, as specified]
  • bhajis (if fritter-like dish) [Indian]
  • buñuelos  [Mexican]
  • churros  [Spanish or Mexican, as specified]
  • corn dogs  [American]
  • crab Rangoon (NOT Burmese)  [American]
  • doughnuts/donuts
  • egg/spring rolls (if fried; index fresh spring rolls as Sandwiches & burgers)  [Asian, or as specified]
  • elephant ears (if fried; index European baked version as Pies, tarts & pastries)  [American]
  • fritters
  • fry bread/frybread (sweet; NOT a bread)  [Native American]
  • funnel cakes  [American]
  • hushpuppies/hush puppies  [American South]
  • loukoumades  [Greek]
  • onion rings
  • sopaipillas  [Mexican]
  • tempura  [Japanese]
  • zeppole  [Italian]

Frostings & fillings 

(Cake/cookie fillings only; index pie fillings as Pies, tarts & pastries)

Course: None if frosting/filling alone
Nutrition: Vegan


  • icings
  • glazes

Grills & BBQ

(Inc. recipes completely or partially cooked on/in/over a gas or charcoal barbecue (including smokers) or open flame, e.g., campfire, fireplace, or wood-burning oven/stove; includes grilled meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and fruits; may be grilled on skewers/en brochette)

Course: As specified – Appetizers, Main course, or Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian


  • asado (traditional South American grill dish only, not the Spanish word “asado” meaning “roast”)  [South American, or as specified]
  • churrasco  [Portuguese]
  • kebabs
  • mixed grill  [as specified]
  • satays/sates  [Asian, or as specified]
  • souvlaki (if served in pita bread, index as Sandwiches & burgers)  [Greek]
  • yakitori  [Japanese]

How to...

(Only for recipes that are instructional/tutorial in nature, i.e., that explain and/or demonstrate basic techniques, skills, or dishes, including "DIY"-type recipes for basic ingredients that don't fit under any other RTs, e.g., vegan cheeses, non-dairy milks, etc.; also index any other RTs that apply)

Course: As appropriate
Nutrition: As appropriate

     Examples of How to... recipe titles:
  • How to shuck scallops
  • The safest ways to prep and cook chicken
  • Making flour tortillas from scratch
  • A hands-on trick for separating eggs
  • Rendering your own lard
  • Fun with geoduck
  • One-hour homemade ricotta
  • To blind bake a pastry tart shell

Ice cream & frozen desserts 


Course: Dessert unless savory ice as Appetizer
Nutrition: Vegan

  • affogato  [Italian]
  • gelato
  • granita
  • ices
  • parfaits (if chilled, index as Mousses, trifles, custards & creams)
  • semifreddo  [Italian]
  • sorbet/sherbet
  • tartufo  [Italian]
  • tortoni  [Italian]

Jams, jellies & preserves 

(May be sweet or savory; involve a gelling agent such as pectin, gelatin, sugar, etc., for long-term preservation)

Course: None if jam/jelly/preserves alone
Nutrition: Vegan

  • citrus curds
  • conserves
  • fruit butters
  • fruit/vegetable confit
  • marmalade
  • preserved lemons

Mousses, trifles, custards & creams

(Served cold; may be sweet or savory)

Course: Dessert unless savory custard or mousse as Appetizer
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • Bavarois/Bavarian cream/crème Bavaroise [French]
  • blancmange  [British or other European,  as specified]
  • charlottes (à la Russe) (served cold; if served hot as in apple charlotte, index as Baked & steamed desserts)
  • cranachan  [Scottish]
  • crème brûlée  [French]
  • crème caramel  [French]
  • dulce de leche (custard-type dessert; if sauce, index as Sauces for desserts)  [South American]
  • Eton mess  [English]
  • flan (custard-like dessert; index savory flans served hot as Egg dishes if they contain eggs, no RT if not)  [as specified]
  • floating island/île flottante/oeufs à la neige  [French]
  • fools  [British]
  • Jell-o/gelatin desserts (US/Canada gelatin desserts) [American]
  • jelly (UK-style gelatin desserts only; index preserved jellies as Jams, jellies & preserves) [as specified]
  • marquise (au chocolat)/chocolate marquise
  • mousse  [none unless specified by author]
  • Nesselrode pudding (if includes pastry, also index as Pies, tarts & pastries; if frozen, index as Ice creams & frozen desserts)  [French]
  • panna cotta  [Italian]
  • parfaits (if frozen, index as Ice cream & frozen desserts)
  • pots de crème  [French]
  • pudding (American-style only; if UK sweet pudding served hot, index as Baked & steamed desserts) [American]
  • sabayon  [French]
  • soufflés (sweet/dessert, served cold; if savory served hot, index as Egg dishes)
  • syllabub  [English]
  • tapioca pudding
  • tiramisu  [Italian]
  • trifles  [none unless specified as English]
  • zabaglione  [Italian]

Pancakes, waffles & crêpes

(May be sweet or savory)

Course: As specified – Breakfast or Dessert (sweet), or Main course (savory)
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • blinis/blinys  [Russian]
  • blintzes  [Jewish]
  • crêpes Suzette  [French]
  • dosas [Indian]
  • drop/dropped scones (NOT Breads)/Scottish pancakes  [Scottish]
  • Dutch babies/German pancakes  [American]
  • flapjacks  [American]
  • galettes (pancake-type galettes only; index pastry galettes as Pies, tarts & pastries)  [French]
  • griddle cakes  [American]
  • hoe cakes/hoecakes  [American South]
  • hotcakes  [American]
  • johnny/jonny cakes  [American]
  • latkes (sweet only; no Recipe Type for potato latkes) [Jewish]
  • pikelets  (index English crumpet-style pikelets as Bread & buns, sweet)  [Australian or New Zealand, as specified]

Pasta, doughs & sauces

(Use for all pasta/noodle recipes served mixed with/topped with composed ingredients or a sauce, unless Pasta, baked or Pasta, filled; also includes sauces for pasta; index pasta salads as Salads)

Course: Main course unless specified as Appetizer
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • doughs for pasta/noodles (if dough alone, do not index anything in Course)
  • sauces for pasta (if sauce alone, do not index anything in Course; NOTE: capitalize as shown if named after a city/region/person
  • - ragu  [Italian]
    - Amatriciana/Matriciana  [Italian]
    - Bolognese  [Italian]
    - Alfredo  [Italian]
    - arrabbiata  [Italian]
    - marinara  [Italian]
    - puttanesca  [Italian]
    - carbonara  [Italian]
    - pesto (if not for pasta, index as Sauces, general)  [Italian]

  • all Italian pasta varieties unless Pasta, baked or Pasta, filled  [Italian]
  • gnocchi  [Italian]
  • soba   [Japanese]
  • spätzle  [European]
  • udon  [Japanese]
  • vermicelli  [as specified]
  • ziti (if baked in casserole, index as Pasta, baked)  [Italian]

Pasta, baked

(Use for pasta/noodle dishes, sometimes stuffed, incorporating sauces and often other ingredients baked in a casserole; DO NOT index as Stews & one-pot meals)

Course: Main course
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • baked ziti  [Italian & American]
  • cannelloni  [Italian]
  • kugel (savory; if sweet, index as Baked & steamed desserts)  [Jewish]
  • lasagna/lasagne  [Italian, unless otherwise specified]
  • macaroni and cheese
  • manicotti  [Italian]
  • noodle casseroles (if not baked, index as Stews & one-pot meals)
  • pastitsio  [Greek]
  • timballo (if pasta-based; if not, index as Stews & one-pot meals)  [Italian]

Pasta, filled

(Use for pasta stuffed/filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, or mixtures, usually served with a sauce, and not baked; also includes fillings for pasta)

Course: Main course unless specified as Appetizer
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian


  • fillings for pasta (if filling alone, do not index anything in Course)
  • agnolotti  [Italian]
  • fagottini  [Italian]
  • mezzelune  [Italian]
  • ravioli  [Italian]
  • tortellini/tortelloni  [Italian]

Pies, tarts & pastries

(Inc. sweet and savory recipes incorporating pastry, including crumb crust pies and tarts, and pastry-encased/wrapped dishes)

Course: Savory as specified – Main course, Appetizer, or Breakfast; Sweet - Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • doughs/crusts for pies, tarts & pastries (do not index anything in Course if recipe is for dough alone)
         - shortcrust pastry/pâte brisée
         - choux pastry/pâte à choux
         - puff pastry/pâte feuilletée
         - sweet tart pastry/pâte sucrée
         - crumbly pastry/pâte sablée
         - phyllo/filo pastry
  • fillings for pies, tarts & pastries (do not index anything in Course if recipe is for filling alone)
  • arepas (filled; index unfilled arepas as Bread & rolls, savory)  [South American, or as specified]
  • Bakewell tart/Bakewell pudding (NOT Baked & steamed desserts) [English]
  • baklava  [Middle Eastern]
  • banoffee pie  [English]
  • beef Wellington (NOT English/British – no Ethnicity)
  • bisteeya/pastilla  [North African]
  • brik  [Tunisian]
  • brioches (filled only; index sweet as Bread & buns, sweet) [French]
  • burek/burika  [East European, or as specified]
  • Chiboust cream/crème Chiboust [French]
  • chess pie  [American South]
  • croissants
  • croquembouche  [French]
  • Danish
  • Eccles cakes (NOT cakes) [British]
  • eclairs/éclairs [French]
  • elephant ears (if baked; index American fried version as Fried doughs)  [European]
  • empanadas  [as specified]
  • flans (if contains pastry crust; if crustless, index as Egg dishes)
  • galettes (pastry galettes only; index pancake-style galettes as Pancakes, waffles & crêpes) [French]
  • gougères [French]
  • hamantashen/hamantaschen  [Jewish]
  • kouign amann  [French]
  • jalousie  [French]
  • Key lime pie  [American]
  • knishes  [Jewish]
  • kringle (sweet; index savory pretzel-like kringle as Bread & rolls, savory)  [Danish; also American if U.S.-style]
  • Linzertorte  [European]
  • millefeuilles/mille-feuilles
  • Napoleons
  • neenish tarts  [Australian]
  • palmiers [European or as specified]
  • pasties  [English]
  • pastry creams/crème pâtissière (except when served alone, then index as Mousses, trifles, custards & creams)
  • pithiviers  [French]
  • pot pie/potpie (if no pastry crust, index as Stews & one-pot meals)
  • profiteroles  [French, or as specified]
  • quiche (if crustless, index as Egg dishes)
  • rugelach  [Jewish]
  • shoofly/shoo fly pie  [American]
  • spanakopita  [Greek]
  • steak and kidney pie/pudding  [English]
  • strudel
  • tarte Tatin  [French]
  • tourtière  [Canadian & French]
  • treacle tart  [British]
  • turnovers

Pizza & calzones

(Do not index an Ethnicity for traditional pizza unless specified)

Course: Main course unless sweet/dessert pizza as Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • dough for pizza and calzones (do not index anything in Course)
  • toppings for pizza/fillings for calzones (do not index anything in Course)
  • coca (savory pizza-like dish; if sweet, index as Bread & buns, sweet) [Spanish]
  • flatbread pizza (if not pizza, index as Bread & rolls, savory)
  • focaccia pizza (if not pizza, index as Bread & rolls, savory)  [Italian]
  • piadina/e (if not topped pizza-style, index as Bread & rolls, savory; if served filled and folded sandwich-style, index as Sandwiches & burgers)  [Italian]
  • pissaladière  [French]
  • pizza Margherita  [Italian]
  • stromboli  [Italian]
  • sweet/dessert pizza (index as Dessert)
  • tarte flambée/flammkuchen/flammekueche [French]

Quick / easy

(Only index if specified as a quick and/or easy recipe in recipe title, headnote, chapter heading, book title/subtitle, recipe index/list, icon/symbol, etc.; also index any other RTs that apply)

Course: As appropriate to other RTs
Nutrition: As appropriate to other RTs

Examples of Quick/easy recipe titles:
  • Quick apple-tomato chutney
  • Easy Parmesan bread
  • Cheat's black vinegar
  • Harissa in a hurry
  • Fast brioche
  • A radically simple cheesecake
  • Speedy Caesar salad dressing
  • No-wait wheat-oat bread

Rice dishes

(May be sweet or savory; recipe must contain rice, not millet, orzo, couscous, etc.; must list 'rice' or a rice ingredient in Ingredients; also index casseroles containing rice as Stews & one-pot meals)

Course: As specified – Main course, Appetizer, or Dessert
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • arancini (rice balls – NOT if little oranges)  [Italian]
  • arroz con pollo, etc.  [as specified]
  • biryani  [Indian]
  • fried rice (also index Stir-fries)  [as specified]
  • jambalaya (also index Stews & one-pot meals  [Cajun & Creole]
  • kedgeree  [British]
  • paella (also index Stews & one-pot meals)   [Spanish]
  • pilaf
  • rice pudding (index as Rice dishes and either Baked & steamed desserts orMousses, trifles, custards & creams, depending on whether served hot or cold)
  • rice salads (index as Rice dishes and Salads)
  • risi e bisi  [Italian]
  • risotto  [none unless specified as Italian]


(Inc. fruit, vegetable, pasta, and meat/seafood/poultry salads; index pasta salads as Salads only, NOT as Pasta, doughs & sauces, unless salad recipe contains a sub-recipe for homemade pasta)

Course: Main course or Appetizer if salad contains protein, Side dish if not; fruit salads as specified by author
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • coleslaw
  • celery root rémoulade  [French]
  • panzanella  [Italian]
  • tabbouleh  [Middle Eastern]
  • moussaka (cooked salad served cold as mezze only; index layered/sauteed one-dish recipe as Stews & one-pot meals)  [Middle Eastern, or as specified]
  • rice salads (index as Salads and Rice dishes)
  • egg salads (index as Salads and Egg dishes)
  • gelatin/Jell-o salads (if gelatin dessert, index as Mousses, trifles, custards & creams) [American]
  • Cobb salad  [American]
  • Waldorf salad  [American]
  • Caesar salad  [American]

Sandwiches & burgers

(Formerly named "Sandwiches, wraps & burgers"; must incorporate bread/wrapper of some kind; only applies to savory sandwiches, not sweet/dessert "sandwiches")

Course: Main course, Lunch, or as specifed
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • burritos (“dry”/eaten out of hand)  [Mexican]
  • club sandwiches [American]
  • croque-monsieur/croque-madame [French]
  • fajitas  [Mexican]
  • French dip sandwiches  [NOT French -- American]
  • gyros  [Greek]
  • Hot Brown sandwiches  [American South]
  • Monte Cristo  [American]
  • muffulettas   [Italian & American]
  • open-faced sandwiches
  • paninis  [none unless specified as Italian]
  • po-boys/po'boys/poorboys [Cajun & Creole]
  • quesadillas  [Mexican]
  • reubens  [American]
  • sloppy Joes  [American]
  • smörgåsbord  [Swedish]
  • smørrebrød  [Danish]
  • spring rolls (if fresh; index fried spring rolls as Fried doughs)  [Asian, or as specified]
  • submarines/heroes/hoagies  [American]
  • tacos  [Mexican]
  • Welsh rarebit/Welsh rabbit (if served open-faced; if served as a fondue, index as Dips, spreads & salsas) [NOT Welsh -- British]

Sauces for desserts


Course: None if sauce alone
Nutrition: Vegan

  • compotes (unless served alone, then index Course with no Recipe Type)
  • coulis
  • crème Anglaise  [French]
  • Chantilly cream/crème Chantilly [French]
  • dulce de leche (if custard/pudding dessert, index as Mousses, trifles, custards & creams)  [South American]
  • fondue (sweet; index savory fondue as Dips, spreads & salsas)
  • mousselines  [French]
  • purées
  • syrups (if intended for dessert)
  • whipped creams

Sauces for fish

Course: None if sauce alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • cocktail sauce
  • pistou  [French]
  • rouille  [French]
  • tartar sauce

Sauces for meat

Course: None if sauce alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • chimichurri  [Argentinian]
  • gravies

Sauces for poultry

Course: None if sauce alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • gravies

Sauces, general

(Unless specified for fish, meat, pasta, or poultry)

Course: None if sauce alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • aioli  [French]
  • Béarnaise [French]
  • Béchamel/Besciamela  [French]
  • gribiche  [French]
  • harissa  [North African]
  • Hollandaise [French]
  • ketchup/catsup
  • mayonnaise (if used as a salad dressing, also index as Dressings & marinades)
  • Mornay [French]
  • mustards
  • pesto (if for pasta, index as Pasta, doughs & sauces) [Italian]
  • ponzu  [Japanese]
  • rémoulade  [French]
  • romesco  [Spanish]
  • salsa verde (NOT Dips, spreads & salsas)
  • sambal  [as specified]
  • sofrito/soffrito/soffritto  [as specified]
  • velouté  [French]


(Index soups containing pasta/noodles as Soups only, NOT as Pasta, doughs & sauces, unless soup recipe contains a sub-recipe for homemade pasta)

Course: None, unless specified as Appetizers, Main course, etc. (except fruit soups, index as Dessert or as specified)
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • avgolemono  [Greek]
  • bisque  [French, or as specified]
  • borscht  [East European]
  • bouillabaisse  [French]
  • chowder  [American, or as specified]
  • cock-a-leekie  [Scottish]
  • consommé
  • fruit soups  [as specified]
  • gazpacho  [Spanish]
  • minestrone  [Italian]
  • mulligatawny  [British & Indian]
  • Palestine soup  [NOT Palestinian -- British]
  • pasta in brodo  [Italian]
  • pho  [Vietnamese]
  • ribollita  [Italian]
  • tom yum  [Asian, or as specified]
  • tortilla soup  [Mexican]
  • vichyssoise  [French]

Spice / herb blends & rubs 

(May include small amounts of oil/liquid for paste consistency; if pourable, index in appropriate Sauces or Dressing category)

Course: None if blend/rub alone
Nutrition: None

  • baharat  [Middle Eastern]
  • berbere  [Ethiopian]
  • bouquet garni
  • chermoula/charmoula  [North African]
  • dukka/dukkah/duqqa  [Egyptian]
  • five-spice mixes  [as specified]
  • gremolata  [Italian]
  • herbes de Provence  [French]
  • masalas  [Indian]
  • persillade  [French]
  • ras el hanout  [North African]
  • za’atar/zahtar (the spice/herb mix, not the herb of the same name)  [North African]

Stews & one-pot meals

(Formerly named "Casseroles, stews & one-pot meals"; includes one-pot/pan/skillet/sheet pan recipes intended to be served as complete meals, including vegetarian/vegan entrees; does not include simple meat/poultry/fish dishes that are baked, roasted, sauteed, etc. in a casserole dish or skillet, or side dish casseroles such as green bean, which have no Recipe Type; index lasagna/lasagne, macaroni and cheese, and similar baked pasta/noodle dishes as Pasta, baked)

Course: Main course
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • beef Burgundy/boeuf (à la) Bourguignon(ne)  [French]
  • beef Stroganoff
  • blanquette  [French]
  • bollito misto [Italian]
  • bourride  [French]
  • braises/pot roasts
  • brisket
  • Brunswick stew  [American South]
  • bubble and squeak (also index Egg dishes if egg-based) [English]
  • burgoo  [American]
  • carbonnade (à la) Flamande  [Belgian]
  • cassoulet  [French]
  • cataplana  [Portuguese]
  • chicken à la king  [American]
  • chicken Divan  [American]
  • chicken/rabbit cacciatore/alla cacciatora  [Italian]
  • chicken/turkey/tuna Tetrazzini  [American]
  • cioppino  [Italian & American]
  • cobblers (savory only)  [British]
  • coq au vin  [French]
  • cottage pie (NOT a pie)  [English]
  • country captain  [American South]
  • daube  [French]
  • étouffée  [Cajun & Creole]
  • feijoada  [Brazilian]
  • fricassee/fricassée  [as specified]
  • goulash  [Hungarian]
  • gratins (only if one-pot meal; else no Recipe Type)
  • gumbo (if w/rice, also index as Rice dishes)  [Cajun & Creole]
  • hot pots  [as specified]
  • Low Country boil (shrimp/seafood)  [American South]
  • moussaka (only if layered/sauteed one-dish meal; if cooked salad served cold as mezze, index as Salads)  [Greek, Turkish, or as specified]
  • ossobuco/osso buco  [Italian]
  • paprikash  [Hungarian]
  • posole/pozole  [Mexican]
  • pot pie/potpie (crustless only;  if pastry crust,  index as Pies, tarts & pastries)
  • pot-au-feu  [French]
  • ragout  [as specified]
  • ratatouille (only if vegetarian main course)  [French]
  • shepherd’s pie (NOT a pie)  [English]
  • slow-cooker/crockpot dishes
  • tagine  (stew only; index Tunisian frittata-like tagine/tajine as Egg dishes) [North African, or as specified]
  • tamale pie (if no pastry crust, NOT a pie)  [Mexican]
  • toad in the hole (if cooked in one pan/casserole)  [British]
  • waterzooi  [Belgian]


(Inc. meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetable stir-fried recipes; if recipe includes noodles, also index as Pasta, doughs & sauces; DO NOT index as Stews & one-pot meals)

Course: Main course
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • chop suey  [Chinese]
  • chow fun  [Chinese]
  • chow mein  [Chinese]
  • kung pao  [Chinese]
  • lo mein  [Chinese]
  • pad Thai  [Thai]


(Inc. stocks/broths made from meat/seafood/poultry/vegetables)

Course: None if stock alone
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • bouillon
  • dashi  [Japanese]
  • fumet/fish fumet


Course: Side dish (unless filling alone, then no Course)
Nutrition: Vegan/Vegetarian

  • dressings for poultry/meat/seafood/vegetables
  • fillings for poultry/meat/seafood/vegetables (but if filling for pasta, index as Pasta, filled)



Course: As appropriate
Nutrition: Vegan for sweet recipes; Vegan/Vegetarian for savory recipes

  • applesauce
  • bananas Foster [American]
  • Bircher muesli
  • black pudding/blood pudding/boudin (noir)
  • breadcrumbs
  • bruschette/a  (unless inc. bread dough, then Bread & rolls, savory)  [Italian]
  • cherries jubilee [English]
  • chicken cordon bleu [NOT French -- American]
  • chicken Kiev (NOT Russian/Ukrainian -- no Ethnicity)
  • chips
  • clams Casino  [American]
  • colcannon  [Irish]
  • compotes (when served alone and not as Sauces for desserts)
  • couscous
  • crab cakes [American]
  • chicken Francese/Francaise  [NOT French -- Italian & American]
  • crostini  [Italian]
  • croquettes
  • croûtons 
  • dumplings/pierogi  [Poland] / pelmeni [Russian]
  • enchiladas  [Mexican, or as specified]
  • falafel/felafel (if served in bread, index as Sandwiches & burgers) [Middle Eastern]
  • French toast/pain perdu 
  • galantines [French]
  • glace de viande/meat glaze
  • gravlax/gravlaks [Scandinavian]
  • grits  [American South]
  • Hasselback potatoes  [Swedish]
  • lobster Newburg  [American]
  • lobster Thermidor  [French]
  • meatballs [no Ethnicity] / polpette/polpettine [Italian] / albondigas [Mexican]
  • meatloaf [no Ethnicity] / polpettone [Italian]
  • most vegetable side dishes (unless CurryGrills & BBQStir-fries, etc.)
  • oatmeal/cereal/granola/porridge 
  • oysters Rockefeller  [American]
  • peach Melba  [English & French]
  • polenta  [Italian]
  • popcorn
  • popovers (filled only; index non-filled as Bread & buns, sweet or Bread & rolls, savory)
  • potato pancakes/savory latkes (if sweet latkes, e.g., apple, index as Pancakes, waffles & crêpes) [Jewish] /rösti/rosti [Swiss]
  • potstickers   [Asian, or as specified]
  • poutine  [French & Canadian]
  • Salisbury steak  [American]
  • samosas  [Indian, or as specified]
  • scrapple  [American]
  • spoon bread  [American South]
  • succotash (if Side dish)  [American]
  • tamales  [Mexican, or as specified]
  • tartines  [French]
  • terrines  [French]
  • tostadas  [Mexican, or as specified]
  • veal Parmigiano/Parmesan  [Italian & American]

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  7/7/13 Added to Recipe Types List or edited previous listing:  Afghan biscuits; baguettes; beignets; Brunswick stew; burek/burika; cataplana; crab Rangoon; crêpes Suzette; Dobos torteDundee cake; Mulligatawny soup; spring rolls (fresh); Scotch(ed) eggs; zuccotto  
 10/3/12 Added to Recipe Types List or edited previous listing:  bhajis; Victoria sponge  
  9/8/12 Added to Recipe Types List or edited previous listing: chicken/veal Parmigiano/Parmesan; jalousie; lobster Newburg; meat/poultry/fish glazes/glaces; "mop" BBQ sauces; Nanaimo bars
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12/4/11 Added to Recipe Types List or edited previous listing: Bakewell tart/pudding; Bavarois; club sandwich; dessert pizza; galantine; galettes;  lobster Thermidor; noodle pudding; Matriciana; pan dowdy/pandowdy; parkin; po-boy/po'boy/poorboy; Russian dressing; Sachertorte; tarte flambée/flamenkueche/flammkuchen; terrine  
12/4/11 Edited definition of Stews & one-pot meals in Recipe Types List to clarify that it includes one-pot/pan/skillet recipes intended to be "served as complete meals" and "does not include simple meat/poultry/fish dishes that are baked, roasted, sauteed, etc., in a casserole dish or skillet". See Change

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